Still Working from Home in 2021? Here’s 10 Home Office Ideas to Keep You Organized and Productive.

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It’s official. Working from home is our new normal. For some of us, we were thrust into the realm of work-from-home when the pandemic shut down businesses in March of 2020. For others, working from home has been a normal a way of life for many, many years. No matter which category you fall in, it’s never to late to spruce up your home office space so that you are continuously inspired, productive and motivated throughout this year.

Here at Blūm Digital Studio, keeping an inspiring, organized work space is the key to keeping our business going and growing so here’s 10 ideas we used in our office spaces that you can incorporate in your home office too!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. When you click on the link and make a purchase, we make a small commission (at no cost to you!) to keep our coffee cups full so we can focus on giving you beautiful web designs.

  1. Memory Foam Curved Under Desk Foot Rest-$34.95

A day full of Zoom meetings can keep you at your desk extended periods of time. Studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time can lead to back and hip pain in the future. This ergonomic foot rest helps lessen foot pressure and by flipping it over, it becomes a rocker which helps keep legs active and reduces fatigue.

2. Leather Office Desk Pad – $12.27

This super cute desk pad combines function and fashion by bringing a pop of color to your desk while providing a safe water proof cover for your desk. The PU leather is durable, easy clean and eliminates the need for a mouse pad.

3. Adjustable Wood Desk Top Organizer – $25.99

Add more space to a small desk or work space with this adorable desk top organizer. This handy little shelf helps make space for your books, supplies and succulents.

4. Rose Gold 5-piece Organizer Set – $23.99

I mean if you’re going to sit in your office all day, why not make your desk as beautiful as possible?! This rose gold set is beautiful and functional and elevates your work space.

5. Zoom Meeting Light for Laptop and Computers – $45.95

This is for those days where no matter what you do, you just can’t quite look “awake” for that 8am Zoom meeting. This light is adjustable and has 3 different light settings. It also helps to brighten your background so you don’t look like you are sitting in the dark.

6. Inspiration Artificial Succulent Plant Set – $24.99

Brighten up your room and give yourself a little boost of inspiration with this adorable succulent plant set. Get the serene feeling of plants without all the hard work of keeping them alive.

7. Wire Hanging Wall Organizer – $35.99

Adds functional wall storage to your space and offers a great way to hang those succulent plants.

8. Magnetic Adjustable Desk Organizer – $39.95

Studies show that people with an organized desk stay focused 167% longer than those with a cluttered desk. Each compartment of this organizer can be moved and customized to fit your needs. Magnets hold them in place as you change them around.

9. Folding No Assembly Bookshelf – $99.98

Most of us did not have a dedicated office space before being forced to work from home. This handy bookshelf requires zero tools for assembly and can be folded and put away at the end of your work day. Bonus points… you can leave out the bottom shelves and use this as a folding desk!

10. Cozy Velvet Home Office Swivel Chair – $135.99 (Many Pretty Colors Available!)

If you’re going to sit at your desk all day, why not do it in this adorable velvet chair? It comes in a variety of colors and is just as cute and comfortable in person.

What have you incorporated in your home office to keep you organized and motivated throughout this year? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog!

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