Refund Policy

What We Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our #1 goal. Your website will be designed with your desired specifications in mind, at a cost that you can afford and at a speed that follows a thorough design process. We take a collaborative approach and will do our best to keep an open line of communication throughout the design process.

There is no agreed completion dated, however, the standard web design time-frame is 30-90 days from the contract start date. Revisions, additions, changes and delayed feedback and submission of contact may extend the launch date.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the progression of your design, we offer a full refund of the deposit, provided the following:

1. Refund is requested within 15 days from the contract project start date

2. The very unlikely event that Blūm Digital is unable to complete the agreed work for any reason (i.e. ill health, unforeseen technical issues)

 Refunds are not applicable on the following:

1. Domain registration fees

2. Hosting fees

3. Maintenance Packages

4. eCommerce/3rd party set up fees

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